Case 1: Control Not Matched

If happens that all of your speakers and control are highlighted in orange, even if the total amount of speakers and their wiring order is correct, then you probably are using a control 8 in a different IP address than last time.

To let the software know this is your new control hub, all you have to do is drag the real hub into your software project window, overwriting the virtual one. When both control and speakers are green, you can proceed going online with the green button.

Case 2: More Speakers

When we have more speakers in reality than in our project, our matching window will show us (on the Detected items section) the extra speakers highlined in orange.
In this example we will consider one more VIO L208 frontfill speaker, routed on the channel 4.

To solve this, just drag the new VIO L208 in the correct position, which is slot 4 , in the fourth channel of the software window.
Now that everyting is green, we can go online.

Case 3: Less Speakers

What if we have less speakers in reality compared to our Aurora project?
This is by far the easiest match to solve, since all our detected items will match.
we can simply hit the green button and confim to go online.

we'll see the extra speaker greyed out in our Software Project workspace. it might be useful to keep it there, in case of a future gig where this guy will be included. This way we're not losing all settings such as filters and delay.
We could also delete if from the project if we're not planning to use it again.

Case 4: Different speaker model

What if we want to replace a certain speaker with another one, and also move all of the settings to the new one?
In the example below, we substituted 3x VIO L208 with 3x VIO L1610. In Software project workspace our previous VIO L208s are greyed out.
To keep their processing data while using VIO L1610 instead, hold CMD on mac ( or CTRL on windows) and click on the newly added frontfills in the detected items workspace (from the First on top to last one), then simply drag them from detected to software, in the correct position.

Case 5: adding a controller

We decide to split our system in multiple RDNet control8 or control2, even if we designed the project with only one.
For example: we add a Control8 and we wire the ch.1 of our first Control8 to ch.1 of the newly added one.
This is what our matching work area will show us after discovery:

In the detected item section a new Control8 will show up in orange, while in the project area all the speakers routed to ch.1 are highlined in orange.
To fix this: click on the minus icon on the top right cornet of our Control8, once our Control8 will collapse, let's drag and drop the new Control8 to below the existing one in the software project area:

Once done, let's open our controllers again, with the "+" symbol on the right corner. Now we are ready to select all the ch.1 speakers and drag them on the new Control8 ch.1.

Case 6: Mixed scenario

These are the most comon cases you might face once it comes to match an existing project with the PA you have in the real world.
Some times you might have combinations of this, such as a control 8 with a different IP, one less Line array module on each side and, why not, also a different model of Frontfill to be replaced. to fix this, just use all the informations we just shared, one by one, in order to adapt your project to what you have in fron ton you on show date.

Send us the best pics of the event and do not forget to describe the event with as much informations as you can: venue, date, artist, system configuration - only VIO Series.
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