Bläck Fööss Anniversary

Cologne, Germany


Artist: Bläck Fööss

Venue: outdoor

"The sound was perfect, and the audio system played its part in turning the Domplatte into a living room for all the people of Cologne.”
(Tobias Nievelstein, FOH engineer of the Bläck Fööss)


The legendary Cologne band Bläck Fööss celebrated their 50th stage anniversary with three open-air concerts in the heart of Cologne on Roncalli Square in front of Cologne Cathedral. More than 20,000 fans came to celebrate and sing along on the three concert evenings.
The band relied on an extensive system of dBTechnologies audio components from the VIO series to ensure that this memorable event would also be remembered with outstanding sound. "We really had to wait a long time for this outstanding concert weekend, and the 50+2 anniversary concerts provided goosebump moments for everyone involved, for the band anyway, but also especially for the audience," Tobias Nievelstein, the long-time FOH engineer of the Bläck Fööss, looks back on the event. "The sound was perfect, and the audio system played its part in turning the Domplatte into a living room for all the people of Cologne."
For the stage in front of the imposing backdrop of Cologne Cathedra,14 units each of the VIO L212 line array modules as the main were hanged right and left. Below this, 2 VIO L1610 were flown as downfill. The VIO S218F subwoofer completed the main hangs: 6 VIO S218F units were placed behind each main slope as a flying subwoofer array. Also, 24 units of the S218 subwoofer were arranged in pairs in a cardioid configuration in front of the stage. Additional VIO C212 and VIO L1610 were used as frontfills and nearfills. The team used 6 VIO L1610 and 2 VIO X310 as delay speakers. The VIP area was also provided with VIO sound using VIO X205. For monitoring the Bläck Fööss, who performed with many guest musicians, including a brass section, 12 W15T monitor wedges were placed on stage in addition to the Inear System.
"We used quite a sophisticated system of VIO components for the concerts on the Domplatte," says dBTechnologies Product Manager Jochen Gotzen. "Last but not least, the Bläck Fööss are an institution of the city of Cologne. We were all very satisfied with the result, which makes us even happier, as the location has some acoustic peculiarities in-store and the volume specifications in the middle of the city also had to be taken into account."
The Bläck Fööss made this weekend an unforgettable experience for many Cologne residents and fans of Cologne music, and the concerts showed the outstanding importance the band has had and still has for the Cologne music scene over the last 50 years.