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EuroHockey Championships 2023 in Mönchengladbach

Mönchengladbach, Germany


Artist: none

Venue: outdoor


The EuroHockey Championships 2023 captivated hockey enthusiasts across Germany for ten days in August, with live action taking place at the stadium in Mönchengladbach. In the Hockey Park Mönchengladbach, eight women's and eight men's teams battled for the title.

The Hockey Park is a modern open-air arena with a recessed playing field, providing optimal visibility of the action on the pitch. During the games and evening events, VIO systems were deployed. The focus in planning the sound system was to meet the customer's requirements: absolutely no obstruction of the spectators' view by the speakers; both the stadium announcer and the jingles must be perfectly transmitted. The company Audio Music Eventservice was responsible for the execution of the audio technology for the event.

For the transmission of announcements, atmosphere, and music contributions during the games, the LTBS Group, in collaboration with Audio Music Eventservice, deployed a total of 28 VIO L212 modules and 18 VIO S218 Subwoofers. Each VIO L212 and S218 were placed as a pair directly in front of the boards at the edge of the playing field, providing sound for the audience near the pitch. For the main stand, Audio Music installed 24 VIO L1610 modules as 4 hangs with 6 VIO L1610 each in the roof as sound for the upper tier.