Rock in Rott 2022

Roetgen, Germany


Artist: various

Venue: outdoor

“We heard the system and were immediately impressed”
Korbinian Übelhack [Managing Director of Event & Sound Solutions]


Event & Sound Solutions GmbH & Co. KG choose a VIO L1610 system to expand its portfolio and boost the next audio project.
Korbinian Übelhack, Managing Director of Event & Sound Solutions, explains: "We heard the system and were immediately impressed. In addition, the fast availability and excellent service of dBTechnologies made the decision easy for us. After only 6 weeks, the new VIO L1610 system already celebrated its premiere at our venue.” Event & Sound Solutions support various bands and festivals with their systems. One of the current deployments was the "Rock in Rott" festival, where the proceeds are completely donated to a good cause and the services of Event & Sound Solutions GmbH were also performed free of charge as a donation. At the Rock in Rott Festival, Event & Sound Solutions relied entirely on systems from dBTechnologies: 9 VIO L1610 line array modules per side as well as 10 VIO S218 and 8 VIO S118R subs in cardioid design were used as main PA, supplemented by 4 VIO L208 tops as nearfill as well as VIO X12 and W15T as monitors. Additional VIO X205 systems with VIO S115 subwoofers served as monitor monitoring. The festival, which is very popular in the region, was a complete success and Übelhack sums up: "We are proud to be part of this unique charity festival with great bands and enthusiastic visitors and are already looking forward to next year!"