New Year's Eve in Matera, Italy

Matera, Italy


Artist: various

Venue: outdoor


Four days of events made the non-stop New Year's Eve in Basilicata, a land of authenticity and art. In the outdoors of the Castello Tramontano, the stage was set up as a focal point for the artists and the audience, who celebrated the beginning of 2023 with live acts and a finale by the singer-songwriter Gigi D'Alessio.
The overall audio system was a project by long-experienced user Mr Service Gemelli Votta, who arranged 24 VIO L212 modules in the configuration of 12+12 per side as Main, complemented by 16 VIO S218s.
The team also used 8 modules of the small system VIO L208 to provide frontfill reinforcement.
The event program included multiple alternating performances that pleased and attracted a vast audience, including the younger ones, joined by newcomer artist Nahaze.