Carroponte 2022

Milan, Italy


Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor

"The show sounded great, and the system performed well. For that show, on that day, in that venue, the VIO performed as well, if not better, than other systems that we have used this year. I would be more than happy to use VIO again." Jonathan Burton [FOH engineer for Biffy Clyro]


The post-industrial era setting welcomes the festival live experience with Carroponte 2022, the locomotive of the Italian summer festivals in Milan.
The sound is provided by Sonique Live Engineering, which chooses the VIO L212 line array system pairing with the VIO S218 sub as Main and houses the stage in the characteristic arch bridge that frames the setting and makes this space born in the early 20th century recognizable.

The team took advantage of other VIO Series complements to finalize the sound system configuration by deploying:
Main: 16 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218 in arc delay, gradient stack
Front fill: 8 VIO L208
Delay: 16 VIO L210
Sidefill: 2 VIO S118R + 2 VIO C12 per side

It begins with an immediate roaring tribute to punk, then it’ll explore the wonder of musical diversity.
The lineup is rich in genres and names such as: NOFX, YungBlood, Social Distortion, The Offspring, Guè Pequeno Carmen Consoli, Alborosie, Fabri Fibra, Biffy Clyro, and many more.