Locus Festival 2022



Artist: various

Venue: various

Equipment Used


    Locus Festival's 2022 edition challenges the ordinary canons of entertainment by staging a musical journey made up of dozens of venues to welcome national and international stars.

    The stages are set up in the most varied public and private contexts: from large city/town squares to authentic archaeological excavations, passing through green spaces used for goods production and iconic local and tourist nightlife clubs. Bass Culture and Punto Musica, responsible for the kermesse's sound, chose the VIO systems series with a VIO L212 Main, deploying various configurations* individually adapted to each event.

    Locus' concept is to enhance and highlight distinctive realities of the Apulian region under the spotlight so that it's clear that this new edition achieves the intent and combines high-profile music and big names, among many: Kings of Convenience, Carmen Consoli, Mannarino, Caparezza, Brunori SAS, Paolo Nutini, and ALT J.