Lucca Summer Festival

Lucca, Italy


Artist: various

Venue: outdoor


This year, Lucca Summer Festival is perfectly tuned with the ancient walls of Lucca City in Tuscany; as one of the most relevant festivals in the whole Italian country, LSF reaches a vast public and supplies great musical emotions thanks to a lineup made by different genres with new and established stars from the international scenario.

The PA configuration was designed and deployed taking into account the particular shape and peculiarities of the downtown square Piazza Napoleone, which is completely surrounded by buildings and creates sound reflections. More units from VIO Series and VIO X series were used to complete the Main with a configuration of
24 VIOL212 as Main
20 L212s as outfills
5 VIO L1610s as center fills
11 L1610s as frontfills
4 L208s as external frontfills
2 VIO X310s + 2 VIO X206s as outer-fills
& 20 VIO S218Fs + 10 S218s, in arc array configuration and gradient stack as subs.

25 years of extraordinary history, glitter and studs, thousands of people from all over, and now even more glow with emblematic live shows make this edition memorable with concert by Smashing Pumpkins, Lenny Kravitz, Diana Krall, Swedish House Mafia, Rod Stewart, Toto, and many more.