Peggy Gou live in Bologna

Bologna, Italy


Artist: Peggy Gou

Venue: indoor


Unipol Arena became Peggy Gou's international dance floor in an Italian performance involving a special backdrop and stage setup.
The DJ stood out brilliantly with a show that fully represents the power of fashion merged with new upbeat club culture and the evening turing in a colorful and powerful "wow".

For the audio, a VIO PA sounded with different line array systems from the VIO Series touring family:
Main: 32 VIO L212
Outfill: 24 VIO L212
Flown subwoofer: 16 VIO S218F in gradient stacked configuration
Stacked subwoofer: 16 VIO S218 in gradient stacked configuration
Frontfills: 8 VIO L208 + 4 VIO L1610
Vip backstage: 12 VIO L1610
DJ monitoring was provided by a booth consisting of:
6 VIO L208 + 2 VIO S218 (3 modules+1 unit)