Skunk Anansie live in Naples



Artist: Skunk Anansie

Venue: Arena Flegrea

"I would describe today as surprising. [The system] it’s pretty down good to be honest!
The main thing with these guys, with Skunk Anansie, is that they want to have a lot subs so there’s a lot of subs in the composition and it works very well"
Ben Hammond [Skunk Anansie's FOH Engineer]


The VIO L212 system returns to sound Arena Flegrea, the most prestigious outdoor venue in southern Italy, which has chosen the full-scale line array by dBTechnologies as official PA of the entire summer season 2019.

The big arena welcomed one of its most important dates hosting the Skunk Anansie’s live show, one of the most beloved rock bands of the recent decades, enhanced by the determination and popularity of its famous front woman Skin. The four British rockers have chosen an important occasion for a new international tour: the 25 years celebration of a career that excites the public with an artistic production characterized by an indissoluble energy and the desire to explore increasingly current topics.
Eight years after the last show, the band has returned to the parthenopean capital bringing its personal contribution to a rock genre linked to old-school sounds combined with the typical alternative suggestions from metal/hard rock scene.

To ensure excellent acoustic coverage on the basis of the architectural characteristics and according to the needs of a hard-rock performance, was provided ad hoc sound reinforcement composed entirely of VIO Series systems forming an extended and articulated PA. Ben Hammond - FOH responsible for the entire tour - expressed satisfaction with the performance of the system, whose configuration, supplied by the technical team of L'Altroservice, counted 32 VIO L212 + 26 VIO S218 + 5 VIO L210 systems used as front fills.