Pope Bergoglio's visit in Asti, Italy

Asti, Italy


Artist: none

Venue: outdoor


Asti honored the founding values of humanity with Pope Francesco Bergoglio’s visit. Last month, the world turned full attention to Northern Italy for an unprecedented moment, culminating in holy celebrations inside the city’s sumptuous cathedral.

The outdoor “auditorium” played a central role: with a prime responsibility, the company dB sound was in charge of the audio design, set-up, and management. As a public safety measure, the system and delays were conceived in an unconventional configuration: indeed, the square has an unusual width (25 meters in the Main area and 50 meters in the wider area) and length (120 meters), so Federico Mollo, PA Man, opted for a vertical coverage by choosing to implement a mono system.

The VIO Series single cluster in Main function included 16 VIO L1610s,
plus 2 VIO X206s as frontfills of the 1/3 led-wall layer.
As reported by the crew, the modules proved excellent performance in speaking reproduction, making a sub line unnecessary.

The team also worked with precision on the lighting of the Cathedral vaults, taking care of all technical aspects and realizing the entire implementation.
This extraordinary event was documented and broadcast in worldwide vision.