Woodoo Fest 2019

Cassano Magnago (VA)


Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor


The Italian Festival that draws its lifeblood from the forest mixing it with the music to get a winning potion. Woodoo Fest has returned to play in the heart of Cassano Magnago, in the green province of Varese.

Here, the VIO L212 system was the main system for an intense line up of Italian artists to guarantee the best acoustic coverage of the venue, which is equipped with special environmental features and a large number of evening attendees.

Losito Music Service, VIO Series user, chooses the large system from VIO Series also for the front fill and relies on VIO X speakers to make the acoustics of the entire event homogeneous and compact.
Configuration used: 20 VIO L212 (10 per side) + 16 VIO S218 + 4 VIO L212 as front fill + 2 VIO X15 as extra side + 2 VIO S118 as side fill

Many artists have stepped on the stage of Woodoo Fest once again; in fact the happening is a great meeting-place for all those who want a genuine background to their love story with Music: Cosmo, Enea Pascal, Foresta, Splendore, Tre allegri Ragazzi Morti, Giorgio Poi, Canova; Mecna, Massimo Pericolo, Venerus, La Rappresentante di Lista, Black Beat Movement, Birø, Brenneke, Mòn, Linoleum After, and many others.