Rototom Sunsplash 2019



Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor

"VIO exceeded the best expectations: powerful and well-defined bass, clear and balanced midrange and treble. Finally an Italian audio product that can compete in an international market. I’d like to thanks dBTechnologies for its human and technical support"
Giorgio "Kobra" Carneli [Technical Director x Rototom Sunsplash 2019]

"It proved to be very 'silent' on the back side; mechanically VIO L212 is certainly well conceived; I appreciated the mid-high range definition and the good phase linearity of the whole spectrum; the VIO L210 modules and the subwoofer VIO S118 proved to be extremely effective, with a really precise and faithful sound reproduction"
Massimo Gianaroli [Technical Director x Lion Stage]

"The balance of the venue was really excellent in all positions, away from or near the stage or even near the speakers! I can't wait to get to know the VIO L212 system on my next tour!"
Anil Ramphal [FOH engineer x Reemah Music&Tworoots Backing Band]

"It was a great experience. The location was very large and the PA covered anywhere without any problems"
Marc Espinosa [FOH engineer x Koers]

"Soft and balanced sound, very easy to control bass, great system! Congratulations to the company that really impressed me with its product”
Alessandro Nozza [FOH engineer x Istituto Italiano di Cumbia]


VIO L212 participated in the 2019 edition of the famous Rototom Sunsplash Festival; in the fiery summer of Benicassim (Spain) took place the most awaited happening for all lovers of the reggae genre and the Lion Stage roared again with a brilliant line-up of artists.
Working alongside the best FOHs and rental professionals in the audio sector, dBTechnologies brought VIO technology to the largest, most important and prestigious reggae festival in the world, supporting the sound of one of the most important venues of the festival, which over the days has hosted dozens of famous faces of the international scene; thanks to the choice made by the Rototom Sunsplash organization, the VIO Series systems have contributed to the building of an important stage, which reserves its spaces to the most exciting news and the most beloved musicians from all over the world; with a non-stop program that honors the lights of the day and the shadows of the night with the same joy until dawn, VIO L212 system has played for the four live shows/per day with a perfectly calibrated configuration:

MAIN: 18 VIO L212 (9 per side) + 18 VIO S218 in arc delay
SIDE FILL: 3 VIO L210 + 2 VIO S118 in stack
DRUM FILL: 1 DVX DM15TH + 1 VIO S118R in stack
MONITORING (back line): 6 DVX DM15TH

After the breath of life of the pre-festival, the show has reached its climax: among the many talents, the Next Generation of Dub, International Dub Ambassadors, Gentlemen's Dub Club, Rhomanife, Bednarek, Aaron Nigel Smith, Taïro, Eva Lazarus & The Young Robotics, Lasai & Forward Ever Band, The Dance Crashers, Marina P & Stand Patrol, Brusco & Roots in the Sky, Jamaleònics, Koers, All B & The Dub Troubles, Koers, Pierre, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Micah Shemaiah, Womens Soldiers, The A1 Crew, Itaca band and the virtuoso StoneBwoy & The Fireman Crew, who have welcomed the Jamaican tradition making it inimitable; and Italy was also present thanks to the contribution of the expert musicians Istituto Italiano Cumbia; other suggestions in the genre were brought to the public directly from France thanks to Naâman, while Tworoots Backing Band together with the singer-songwriter Reemah Music made the evening with distinctive lyrics and surprising vocal tones.

Magical evenings intertwined in the uncontainable energy of passion and harmony, a beautiful chaos made of bodies, souls, emotions and lots of good music, Rototom is a journey into the dwellings of peace and solidarity, it is an intense experience in acceleration, it is a moment of life that embraces all the senses and completes existence, much more than a musical event, Rototom is a piece of experience that can be told with emotions, with dancing, with sharing.

A success written in the stars and the sand that surrounds Benicàssim.