art event

Bologna Drones Show 2023

Bologna, Italy


Artiste: none

Lieu: outdoor

It was a fascinating and heart-filling show: Bologna City Centre was animated by the motion of 500 drones that drew the sky on the notes of great Italian songs by singer-songwriter Cesare Cremonini. The event created by Illumia and Bologna Festival and made possible by Dronisos, represented by Artech FX was a 3-day "Drone Show," on which dozens of professionals and specialized operators worked to make the occasion extraordinary and unique.

The audio delivery was an indispensable component of the technical and artistic representation: it was provided by the local company Radio Sata Service, who chose VIO Series systems to sound the large square dedicated to the visual/musical show.
As an expansive outdoor space, the technical team designed a delay configuration positioned in the central area of the venue and deployed flyable subwoofer complements as a part of an articulated PA consisting of:
Main: 20 VIO L212
Main subs: 12 VIO S218Fs
Stacked Main subs: 6 VIO S318s
Infills: 8 VIO L210s
Outfills: 8 VIO L210s
Delays: 16 VIO L1610s
Sub delays: 6 VIO S218s