La Rossa Festival 2022

Pratonevoso, Cuneo


Artiste: Gabry Ponte, Bob Sinclair

Lieu: Outdoor

The line array full-scale VIO L212 was chosen to power the freezing ambients of Pratonevoso Ski Resort during La Rossa Festival 2022, a huge event that involved live performances by two internationally renowned DJs, Gabri Ponte and Bob Sinclaire.

Considering the nature of the shows, it was necessary to have a mighty output capability with high sound pressure to cover every area of the venue, which is vast and sensitive to the natural conformation of the landscape. As this outdoor space is completely immersed in the mountains, the experienced Losito Music Service rental team took the challenge (including a special air transport) and set up a Main featured by VIO Series and VIO X that would provide homogeneous acoustics for stalls and stage, plus the console monitoring area:

12 VIO L212 + 10 VIO S218 stacked with 2 subs on the front of the stage
2 VIO S218 + 6 VIO L208 as DJ’s console monitors
2 VIO X15 as monitor side on the front stage