Kuna Festival 2023

Bilbao, Spain


Artiste: various

Lieu: outdoor

Kuna Festival 2023 took place around the contemporary architecture temple of Bilbao city. Coinciding with the second anniversary of the opening of BBK Kuna, the Doña Casilda Park, located next to the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, hosted shows, games, workshops, sports, exhibitions, and much more under the sign of a big sustainability project dedicated to partnerships and relations between local institutions. Kristian Prieto, Director of BBK Kuna, described the mega event by underlining the musical spirit of the initiative, thanks to live concerts of Bulego, Olaia Inziarte, and Supercremalleras.

As a very particular venue for wide spaces and shapes of the buildings, pro company Atomic Luz y Sonido designed the sound reinforcement project with a VIO L1610 Main, counting on high sound pressure and mechanic versatility.
The configuration for the event involved:
20 VIO L1610 in 10+10 per side
9 VIO S318
4 VIO S118R
8 VIO X206
8 VIO W15T for the stage monitoring