Chandler Ostrich Festival 2019



Sanatçı: Various

Mekan: Outdoor - Tumberweed Park

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    An entire PA VIO Series for one of the Arizona's most cheerful and folklore-rich events: the Chandler Ostrich Festival came to 31st edition and gathered hundreds and hundreds of people to attend three days of pure music and entertainment. The main protagonists of the festival were the wonderful ostriches as every year which in their natural habitat embody the essence of a harsh territory, yet extremely fascinating. VIO L212 and VIO L210 the line array systems was chosen to power the immense Tumblerweed Park at Chandler, a city near the American desert that embraces much of the south-eastern state; Chandler Ostrich Festival means "nature", "animals" and "tradition" but also means great music: this year the line-up included the live performances of the famous rapper Flo Rida, The Commodores and Andy Grammer that attracted a huge audience and enthusiastic.

    The public address of the event was optimally distributed by two stages: a main stage and a smaller secondary stage for the shows and initiatives of the daytime.
    The PA involved:16 VIO L212 + 10 S218 + 4 VIO S318 + 4 VIO L210 as front fill + 2 VIO S318 and 2 VIO L210 as side fill

    For the realization of the PA dBTechnologies collaborated Mac West Group, which provided its operational support in the figure of Zeke Luna during the entire technical phase of the pre-show; Brio Technologies, the company that purchased the VIO Series system, provided the VIO L212 + VIO S218 system to the service responsible for the event: the installation was in fact made by Inter Technologies Corporation, which ensured the perfect success of these three wonderful evenings and the numerous activities that took place in Tumberweed Park.