Sơn Trịnh Công's 80th Anniversary

Ho Chi Minh City


Sanatçı: Various

Mekan: Hoa Lư Stadium

Kullanılan Ekipman


    VIO L212 and VIO L210 were the official PA of a great event designed to remember Sơn Trịnh Công, a very popular vietnamese icon of peace and love; the occasion was the celebration of his birth: the musician, poet, and painter was born in 1939 and remembered today as a symbol of the resistance of love against the atrocities of war and social inequities.
    More than 20,000 attended Hoa Lu Stadium, one of the biggest venues in Ho Chi Min City and some of the most popular and important stars took the stage to interpret the poetic greatness of Sơn Trịnh Công; the live was supported by a powerful PA branded VIO Series, which was set up and configured by Five Star Media with a total number of 24 VIO L212 top elements + 24 VIO S218 + 8 line array system VIO L208 as front fill and 16 VIO L210 as out fill.
    Today as then, the youngest people, adults together with the elderly and children came from all over the country to celebrate the memory of the poet, which is still alive and pulsating in the heart of all the vietnamese generations; although the years have not nicked the affection of many generations for Sơn Trịnh Công, he was also considered an artist of international records: the first to have conquered Japan with over 2 million copies sold, the first artist to appear on the homepage of Google, the most influential character in Vietnam.
    dBTechnologies was present also supporting the secondary stage, in which the ES system was the PA dedicated to anyone in the audience who wanted to offer a personal tribute to the poet during the afternoon before the show.