Natti Natasha Live in La Paz

El Salvador


Sanatçı: Natti Natasha

Mekan: Playa Costa del Sol

Kullanılan Ekipman


    VIO L212 was the impressive PA for the very captivating Natti Natasha's live concert in La Paz, Playa Costa del Sol (El Salvador City). The concert was one of the most crowded and anticipated concerts of the season: Golden Summer Party 2019 hosted a colorful party made of fun, colors and the exclusive performance of the undiscussed super star of Latin America, known for the immense success of her personal style that mixes the influences of US pop with Latin pop.
    On Time Solutions, top user of the VIO Series products chose a complete VIO Series PA for this big event: the powerful configuration provided optimal sound coverage for an audience of 7,000 people with 24 VIO L212 + 6 VIO L210 in down fill + 4 VIO L210 in front fill controlled and managed by Aurora Net software.
    The princess of reggaeton made the audience dance with a really exciting live that marks another success in the long Latin tour that will touch various cities in the Land of the Sun. Natti Natasha is a record-breaking girl: her first single (2017) has gotten 1 billion views on YouTube in less than 5 months and over 450 million listenings on Spotify, which makes her the most attractive new artist in Latin America.