OnDance at Arena Flegrea



Sanatçı: Roberto Bolle, Stefano Bollani, Andrea Bocelli

Mekan: Arena Flegrea

Kullanılan Ekipman

    "After listening to VIO L212 a few times I was convinced that it was a good system for this venue: the Arena Flegrea is a very important place for live music: leading international names come here every year. We opened the season with this appointment, but the system will remain resident throughout the summer season, for which there are as many important events on the calendar: 14 dates in 2 months including 3 consecutive dates with Gigi D'Alessio and Nino D'angelo, Skunk Anansie, Subsonica, Salmo, Ghemon, Kamasi Washington with Enzo Avitabile and the big band Afro Cuban All Stars. It's a great job and a great commitment and, above all, we're sure we made the right choice"
    Luigi Monteforte [Owner LAS-L'Altroservice]

    "I was immediately impressed because it's a very stable system. [...] Thanks to the stability of the tops and this configuration, even in the last top row, the intelligibility is perfect, as well as in the bottom corners at the sides of the stage. The mounting system that allows the system to be lifted with the engines directly from the trolleys is a huge advantage"
    Francesco Fontanella [PA MAN LAS-L'Altroservice]


    VIO L212 is the system chosen to support OnDance, an exclusive festival dedicated to all the artistic and stylistic forms of dance designed and created by the etoile of the Italian classic, Roberto Bolle. The Arena Flegrea at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples has therefore become the focal point of an evening animated by two prestigious guests: Stefano Bollani and Andrea Bocelli, who have contributed to the show with notes and voice accompanying the performances by Bolle and his team of professional dancers.
    VIO Series technology entered the renowned venue with the L'Altroservice team with a configuration consisting of: 24 VIO L212 (12 per side) + 12 VIO S218 in left-right configuration (6 per side in 2 arrays of 3 modules in cardioid configuration) + 5 VIO L210 in front fill On stage as side fill: 2 VIO S118R in array with 2 VIO L210 modules (right and left) 
    Arena Flegrea is now one of the most praiseworthy works of the Mostra d'Oltremare, a multifunctional site and representative of that iron and romantic desire to create a world to regain its former glory and return to the original meaning of a place born for the community: a deep find of citizens with Art.