Daddy Yankee live in Paris



Sanatçı: Daddy Yankee

Mekan: Accorhotels Arena - indoor

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    VIO L212 is the system chosen for the French stage of Daddy Yankee’s Tour 2019.
    The show was set in Bercy (Paris) in one of the most extended venues in Europe and the second large building for live shows in France.
    “Despacito" and "Con Calma" are only very successful titles for Daddy Yankee, who came from Latin America faster than ever and has invested the entire music scene leaving a deep mark, thanks to an unmistakable style and a series of hits of worldwide success that shaked TV, social media, and venues around the world: also called “El Rey del Reggaeton”, the singer is one of the biggest influencers in the music industry with over 11 million albums sold and over 50 million followers on social media. Also named one of the "Most Influential Hispanics worldwide" by CNN and Time magazine, he's having a very successful career that is leading him from 2013 to the present on world tours in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
    A record-breaking man who needs no other introductions.
    To welcome one of the European stops of his tourneé, there was a huge and crowded Accorhotels Arena in a complete sold-out; a very important success considering the full capacity of the venue that amounts at 20,000 seats.

    The sound project involved the technicians of, user of the large format VIO Series line array and the PA has been designed and defined as follows:
    MAIN : 16+16 VIO L212 (per side) + 24 VIO S218
    OUT FILL: 8+8 VIO L212
    FRONT FILL: 8 VIO L210 
    DELAYS: 8+8 VIO L210
    IN FILL on stage: 2 VIO S118 + 4 VIO L208 per side in ground stack configuration
    DJ MONITORING: 1+1 VIO S118 +1 VIO X15