Noisy Naples Festival 2019



Sanatçı: Various

Mekan: Arena Flegrea

Kullanılan Ekipman

    "I would describe today as surprising. [The system] it’s pretty down good to be honest! The main thing with these guys, with Skunk Anansie, is that they want to have a lot subs so there’s a lot of subs in the composition and it works very well"
    Ben Hammond [FOH Engineer for Skunk Anansie]

    "The VIO was amazing. It reacted very well and it made me have fun. Great definition and intelligibility, high SPL, no distortion and great power on the bass. The subs are incredible, very soft in tone and very firm. Also, I really liked the fact that on the back it doesn't interfere with the stage in any way, leaving it practically silent both at the top and at the bottom”
    Simone Squillario [FOH engineer for Salmo]


    The VIO L212 system is official PA for Noisy Naples Festival 2019 in Arena Flegrea, the most prestigious outdoor venue in southern Italy, which chose the full-scale line array by dBTechnologies supplied by the technical team of L’Altroservice as Main of the entire summer season 2019.

    On July 7th, the big arena hosted the Skunk Anansie’s live show; to ensure excellent acoustic coverage on the basis of the architectural characteristics and according to the needs of a hard-rock performance, it was provided an ad hoc sound reinforcement design composed entirely of VIO Series systems forming an extended and articulated PA. Ben Hammond, FOH responsible for the entire tour, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the system.
    Configuration: 32 VIO L212 + 26 VIO S218 + 5 VIO L210 used as front fills. 

    On July 19th, this time, VIO L212 powered the world-famous Kamasi Washington’s jazz music with Enzo Avitabile as a special guest on stage.
    Highly acclaimed in all the most important festivals in the world, Kamasi Washington brought an exquisitely original style of connoisseurs to an evening of high artistic level, which combines musical technicalities, joy and pure fun.
    Configuration: 32 VIO L212 + 5 VIO L210 + 26 VIO S218.

    On July 26, the platinum-blond Italian rapper Salmo filled the venue with a vast audience. Salmo presented himself to the national music scene as a progenitor of the old school, with a stylistic signature characterized by heavy riffs, a rap-rock style built with mind, heart, liver and belly that one that only knows who lives the pure underground. Thanks to a constant and expert research of miscellaneous sounds and an immense ability as an author, Salmo is an artist endowed with the energy and creativity necessary to embody one the trendiest and most avant-garde phenomena. The VIO Series configuration guaranteed optimal coverage for the entire Arena, including the side fill for the stage, and played the role to support the work conducted by Simone Squillario, FOH sound engineer for Salmo: 32 VIO L212 + 26 VIO S218 + 3 VIO L210 as front fill + 6 VIO L210 (3 per side) on 4 VIO S318 (2 per side) as side fill on the sides of stage.