Chongqing, Yubei


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Mekan: Chongqing Expo

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    On July 2019, the line array system VIO L212 powered the most important Chinese festival of the season; OPPO RENO FESTIVAL is in fact a reality of great numbers:
    a large attendance, dozens of pop stars, a surprising number of stages set up within the wide multi-functional complex of Chongqing Expo.
    A composite and multifaceted event, the most awaited and participated of the summer in China as a world-renowned home of the most vibrant traditional colors, which are well suited to the needs of a summer party in full swing, able to give space to multidisciplinarity and artistic variety by staging all the most popular trends of local entertainment.

    DMT's team of professionals, led by Paul Men & Chapman Deng, worked alongside the famous and esteemed Chinese producer Jin Shao and his team to create the PAs of two of the most important venues in this small town in celebration, flanked by two experienced dB Technologies Application Engineers Jochen Gotzen and Andrea Brasolin.

    Technical details for the 3 spaces sounded by the VIO Series technology:
    "No Sleep Stage & Playground Stage
    PA: 48 VIO L212 + 48 VIO S218
    Front Fill: 16 VIO L210
    Stage Monitors: 32 LVX XM15
    Drum sub: 2 SUB18H

    VIO Series also participated in the DJ monitoring of the "Wild Party Stage" thanks to the performance of the VIO L210 line array.