Sanatçı: The Kolors, Max Gazzè

Mekan: Outdoor

Kullanılan Ekipman

    "One of the best experiences ever lived"
    [FOH engineers in charge of the event]


    On September 2th and 4th, VIO L212 celebrated an important and historic anniversary with Basilicata and sounded for The Kolors and Max Gazzè live performances in Viggiano (Potenza, Italy).
    The expectation is growing every year and there are many preparations that precede the intense cycle of celebrations on the occasion of a cult born to honor the Madonna Nera del Monte di Viggiano, known as the sacred queen patroness saint of the beautiful Basilicata region. Alongside the tradition, which is carried out with pride and affection, the event is an unmissable moment of contemplation and sharing that passes also through good music as one of the most powerful arts able to entertain and unite the thousands of people who have crowded the place. It was precisely the music of the high-famous The Kolors band and Max Gazzè to animate the Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, which is recently known as one of the largest in the area enriched by monuments and elements that sing an ancient history.

    In this setting full of memories from the past, the sound of the venue was provided by the professional audio team Mr Service Gemelli Votta, who - thanks to their experience with the use of VIO Series systems - set up a large stage capable of supplying a complete acoustic coverage during the two live shows, giving the square a magnificent evening. The configuration of the system was designed as follows:

    24 VIO L212 (12 modules per side) + 16 VIO S218 and a front fill consisting of 6 VIO L210 modules

    In the role of PA Man, Salvatore Antonio Votta, who collected enthusiastic opinions on the performance of the system thanks to the excellent work done and a configuration perfectly tailored to the needs of the venue:
    The evening was in fact described by the FOH engineers involved as "one of the best experiences ever lived".