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THE RAP OF CHINA - 2019 Edition



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Mekan: Indoor

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    "The VIO system is very powerful, flexible, very easy to use; it is really light, just like its slogan SMARTER, LIGHTER, FASTER, STRONGER"
    [Mr. Zhang Lei - Owner of Hangzhou D&S stage technology company limited - 杭州达斯舞美科技有限公司


    The line array systems from the VIO touring series are PA for The Rap of China - 中国有嘻哈 zhōngguó yǒu xīhā 2019 Edition, a hugely successful reality show broadcast in China from June 4, 2019.

    Well-known even outside of the Chinese perimeter thanks to its innovative scope in entertainment culture, The Rap of China was born from an idea of Qiyi, a Chinese television station oriented towards the youth entertainment, to support, encourage, and promote the development of rap and hip-hop genres through the discovery of new talents; at the same time, the project’s aim is to stimulate the viewer with in-depth investigations on the aspects and stylistic features of the rap genre, which is now able to interpret trends, enthusiasm, aspirations and desires of the youngest more consistently than ever. With content and form in constant evolution, the show has succeeded in adapting to the tastes and preferences of the audience and renewing itself year after year by creating interesting mixes between music, arts, fashion and contemporary dance.

    The two VIO Series PA have thus flanked the entire duration of the program: the episodes of the contest were supported by a VIO L210 system, while the grand finale was entrusted to the quality and power of the VIO L212 line array system.

    The PA configuration with VIO L210 involved:
    20 VIO L210 and 12 VIO S218
    The configuration designed for the grand finale held in Beijing (China) counted a total of:
    32 VIO L212
    24 VIO S218
    32 VIO L210
    4 VIO S118

    DMT Pro, official distributor of dBTechnologies systems, supported the technical team in charge of the event and immediately pointed out the success of the sound project realized with VIO collecting also enthusiastic comments from the esteemed Mr. Li Yongjun - FOH responsible for the program.
    Mr. Zhang Lei, owner of the rental Hangzhou D&S stage technology company limited - 杭州达斯舞美科技有限公司 who was in charge of the sound system, declared, "The VIO system is very powerful, flexible, very easy to use; it is really light, just like its slogan SMARTER, LIGHTER, FASTER, STRONGER".
    Thanks to the features that distinguish the VIO Series, which is specifically designed for application and amplification in large venues, the artists' performances were supported by the best dBTechnologies technology, ensuring sound quality while providing high output capacity and optimized coverage behavior.

    The finale was staged at the end of August and reached very high levels of share: now the fame is firmly established throughout the mainland China and Taiwan and the show is fully distributed also in many other areas and aired simultaneously on the largest pay-TV network in Hong Kong, Now TV NowJelli Channel, and the Malaysian Astro Quan Jia HD; broadcast also on Rakuten Viki, the most popular video platform for Asian content, and on Singapore's StarHub, the Chinese rap culture is now able to present itself and expand more and more to a very large and heterogeneous global audience. Digital platforms and social media networks also contributed to the format's notoriety process, recording very high numerals with 8.7 billion tags linked to the show and reaching over 44.23 million users, while the network continue to enrich the database with new terms and words such as "dissing" and "freestyle".