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Ranging from culture festivals and traditional happenings to one of the most awaited live concert, a quick report of the three events realized in the autumn season of Tucumán City and province.
The PA's were realized by the technical team Marti Audio, an important local reality that is very active today in the field of sound for private and public events and shows.

The VIO L212 was main for Paulo Londra live at Club Central Córdoba Stadium: as the most listened Argentinian artist of the last year, the rapper Paulo Londra is a real big star and his music arrived also in Tucumán gathering about 10,000 young fans. The complete configuration involved: 28 VIO L212 + 4 VIO L212 as front fill + 6 VIO L212 as side fill + 24 VIO S218 in left-right configuration. HomeRun Tour 2019 is the crowning achievement of a resounding success for the young latin rapper: Londra is the Argentinean artist most listened on Spotify and his videos accumulate millions of views on Youtube; besides his undeniable talent, the rapper stands out for his style and lyrics contents in which he breaks away from the typical themes of gangster life, becoming an example and inspiration for thousands of people. Today the artist is at the top and has already sung with great musicians such as Ed Sheeran.

From October 11 to 13, more than 50 artists took part in XXII Fiesta Nacional e Internacional del Caballo, an important traditional happening involving 40,000 people every year. Also this time the Fiesta was a great success and to entertain the crowd was designed a large stage equipped with a total of 40 VIO L212 system modules.

On October 18-19, 24 VIO L212 as main PA, 12 VIO L212 used as out fill, and 4 VIO L212 as front fill was the configuration in use for the 49º Festival Nacional del Limón, a big national party created to keep the tradition and the folkloristic costumes alive. A great success of audience: 25,000 attendees participated in two-days of shows, games and various performance.