El Grito de Indipendencia 2019

La Paz


Sanatçı: Pandora

Mekan: Outdoor

Kullanılan Ekipman


    VIO L212 solemnly participates in one of the most important days for the Mexico Country: all the citizens were gathered to honor the day that marked the Independence and Freedom of Mexico of at the grandiose Palace of the Government of La Paz.

    The Cover Productions rental team - which is specialize in public and private event sound and has a long experience in using the VIO L212 line array system - provided the sound system ensuring the public address for the day, a key aspect for the success of the celebration that is based on dance, music and, live performances.
    The beloved singer Pandora, who’s appreciated by an audience of all ages, warmed the hearts and exalted the voice of Mexican freedom.

    The PA for the stage that welcomed the artist had the following configuration: 24 VIOL212 + 16 VIOS218 L-R in end fired configuration + 4 S30N + 4 DVA T12 as front fill + 2 Sigma + 2 S30N as side fill
    The PA for the conference stage consisted of: 24 DVA T12 + 8 S30N
    The system has been monitored and managed through RD-NET

    All the residents of the South have shown emotion and great expectations for this show and finally the day has arrived: 7,000 people joined in a collective shout, a shout that represents an ancient victory which is still alive in the minds and hearts of Mexicans and tells the day when the bells of Dolores rang announcing the self-determination and a turning point in history. Its distant echo still resounds today and echoes its memory in the alleys and streets of the whole country.