The Rasmus live in Kharkiv

Kharkiv, Ukraine


Sanatçı: The Rasmus

Mekan: Indoor

Kullanılan Ekipman


    The line array VIO L212 is main public address system for The Rasmus live 2019 in Ukraine.
    On October 29, 2019 a dark and melancholic shadow stretches over Charkiv, the dark-pop of The Rasmus is back and 15 years after "Dead Letters" nothing has changed.
    Hundreds and hundreds of fans have invaded Арт-завод МЕХАНИКА Иная Земля a beautiful and fascinating art factory that works incessantly for music, art, innovation and the creativity tout-court; the Finnish band has brought back on stage never forgotten and always topical planetary hits, the symbols of the ’00 dark rock, with nostalgic and dramatic ballads, full of energy and sounds devoted to rock. After 4 million albums sold all over the world, several platinum records, and kilos of black kajal, “the Four” have returned to celebrate the one of nine successful records, the first to have changed the style of rock-pop by laying the foundations necessary to investigate a new current.

    The sound of the venue was by PR MUSIC, a professional company specialized in large touring projects and experienced user of the large system from VIO Series.
    Configurations in use:

    • MAIN
    16 VIO L212 (8 per side) + 16 VIO S218 arc delay mode in cardioid configuration
    Front fill: 4 VIO L212
    DSP: 1 AC26N
    Control and monitoring system: Aurora Net software

    • Delay:
    Line 1: 12 VIO L210 (6 per side)
    Line 2: 6 x DVA T12 (3 per side)
    DSP: 1 AC26N

    • Drum fill: 2 VIO S118

    Hit as "In the shadows" have opened the door to the audience of loyal fans and many young people’s memories still fascinated by the imaginary and imaginative world of The Rasmus, while the Art Factory, as a generator and incubator of art and culture, has still illuminated the spaces of the former factory of locomotives, confirming itself as a romantic and dynamic space, essential for the development of culture in the city, an exceptional hot spot for all the most daring and unusual ideas, for a future of innovations and avant-garde.