El Día de los Deftones Music Fest 2019

San Diego, US


Sanatçı: Deftones and more

Mekan: Outdoor

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    “I like that it was very powerful, surprisingly neutral. It doesn't deplete the sound and it doesn't color the sound. My mix sounded like my mix, and I had some people who walked the coverage in the park and said it sounded exactly the same everywhere. I think it was mission accomplished”
    Johann Meyer [FOH sound engineer for Gojira]


    The VIO L212 system returns to sound the awesome Petco Park in San Diego for El Dia de los Deftones Music Festival 2019.
    The stainless and eclectic tradition of El Día del Los Muertos revisited in a purely musical-key: this is how one of the biggest festivals of the year in San Diego was born and this year it hosts the "Gods of nu metal" Deftones as leading band. On November 2, this large venue - chosen for some of the most prestigious shows in the city - welcomed a "rainbow army" of music lovers; so the music of great bands like Chvrches, JPEGMAFIA, Gojira, Hum, Youth Code, Brutus, and, of course, Deftones made its way across a compact ocean of extravagant faces from day to night.

    The VIO Series systems were PA ensuring the sound coverage for the whole event with a Main stage featuring VIO L212 and a Secondary stage featuring VIO L210:
    MAIN: 24 VIO L212 + 18 VIO S218
    2nd: 14 VIO L210 + 12 VIO S318
    The entire project was completely by the experienced team MixOne Sound - VIO Series rental partner.

    With 10,000 participants, El Dia de los Deftones is a great success once again, but it is also an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of the most loved music genres keeping alive a mysterious and fascinating anniversary, able to turn the vacuum of the absence into an opportunity of reunion and celebration.