Alberto Barros Live in San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula


Sanatçı: Alberto Barros

Mekan: Outdoor

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    The line array full-scale VIO L212 sounded a magic Colombian night dedicated to salsa y cumbia; the VIO Series systems were chosen in a large and powerful audio configuration to sound the wide Estacionamiento del Gimnasio Olimpico, a real reference point for events and happenings in the city.

    San Pedro Sula hosted a concert that made all lovers of hot and wild nights dance: the award-winning "King of Salsa" Alberto Barros - Colombian singer, musician and composer who has made entire generations fall in love with great hits dedicated to love and emotions - literally shook the audience between solos, lights and colors. Today Barros is still considered one of the greatest exponents of salsa in Latin America, which is the one and only motherland of the genre.

    So a very eagerly awaited evening took place at the great Gimnasio Olimpico SPS and Los Sampedranos danced and celebrated some of their most beloved pieces for more than an hour. The live concert was impeccably organized by Pro504, VIO user and professional team in charge of the entire organization.

    The PA designed, set up and monitored during the live performance consisted of:
    24 VIO L212 + 24 VIO S218 as main, plus other dBTechnologies system on stage for monitoring.