Panama City


Sanatçı: Various

Mekan: Outdoor

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    VIO L212 was main system for the annual celebrations dedicated to Carnival in Panama City.
    Is there a place better than the sunny Cinta Costera to unleash the best costumes, get into the best party-spirit, put the drinks up and turn up the music? Panama's carnival celebrations are famous worldwide and manage to transpose some of the South American traditions. With floats, land and sea parades, exotic disguises, fireworks, dancing, food, and, above all, music, Panama City turns into a party-goers' destination with highly evocative displays.
    But the Panamanian Carnival is also a time of celebration for families: among the smell of roasted meat, people use to spend the day dancing, smiling, and greeting each other under the arcades and in the streets.

    Presol SA was the rental company in charge of the event who designed, set up, and monitored the sound of the Panama Carnival allowing the crowd to fully enjoy a great show featuring many artists.
    The configuration of the VIO Series PA consisted of:

    24 VIO L212 + 16 VIO S218
    4 VIO L210
    4 VIO S318
    4 DVA T12 as front fill
    16 VIO L208 as out fill

    The following systems were selected and positioned for monitoring:
    4 DVX DM TH 15
    4 DVX DM 15
    2 IGT 1
    4 IGT 3
    4 DVA KS10