Sanatçı: Various DJs

Mekan: Tondiraba Ice Hall

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    "The system was easy to install and sounded impressive and dynamic all the way to the back rows; all the organizers were very happy with the result".
    Lehar Lepler [Maivel Oü Sound Engineer].


    The VIO L212 system was chosen as the main PA for The League 2020 sports event which is dedicated to the most daring Thai Boxing talents in Estonia and also supported the audio system of the after-match thanks to the VIO L208 system for the big after-party involving many DJs.

    It was a huge event, with dozens of challengers and a large audience crowding the large Tondiraba Ice Hall venue in Tallinn.

    The main goal was to provide technical support for two interconnected but different events: a combat event made up of speeches, presentation of challengers and shows between combats, plus an after-party that included DJ-set performances featuring the Chase & Status' one.
    According to the specific needs of the event, the Maivel Sound & Light technical team - who was in charge of the entire sound system, but also of the lighting and LEDs setup - created two different PAs.

    The main stage PA consisted of:
    16 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218 in end fired configuration (stack of 3) + 6 Opera 10 for front fill and LVX XM15 and VIO S118 for monitoring.

    The second PA was featuring VIO L208 as Main in a configuration of:
    24 VIO L208 in full range mode + 5 IG3T of Ingenia series

    Lehar Lepler from Maivel spoke about the specifications of this acoustic project: "It was a difficult event because the day before there was another concert and we only had 12 hours to build and tune everything. For us it meant having two completely different PA's in use at the same time: a system that would amplify the collision field 360 degrees and also commentator microphones and music between rounds.
    Lehar adds: "The front fill from the main PA was surprisingly perfect and the whole setup was controlled by Aurora Net software using Control 8 and AC26N. The system was easy to install and tune and sounded impressive and dynamic all the way to the back rows; all the organizers were very happy with the result and our team gained even more experience using dBTechnologies products.
    The space for the matches needed almost 360° coverage and everything had to be specially designed to give a homogeneous coverage: we decided to not hang any subwoofer, because the 208 system showed to cover the mid-bass frequencies without the need for subs in this kind of events; in any case, we also had the main bass PA available if needed".

    Pics from the show by Rawest.