The Contest

"Wear Like a Pro" is the dBTechnologies contest that makes you protagonist! If you have contributed to important events using the VIO Series systems, share everything with us and tell us what it’s all about! You can win the exclusive prizes up for grabs!
In addition, all the best photos will be rewarded with publications and special mentions on our digital channels (social media, website and newsletter).

be one of us

Win & wear our official dBTechnologies team’s outfit kit!

• VIO Series Official T-Shirt to be a member of the team: whether you are a professional worker in audio industry or not, our t-shirts are always good to show that you know!
*This prize goes to the contest winner and to the honorable mentions too.

• Anti-theft backpack to deal with any travel situation: laptop space, tablet space, usb cable for databank recharge, catchy design…a must-have for all globetrotters like us!

• Softshell jacket to complete the perfect outfit: water/wind/cold resistant, technical shape and style…probably one of the most precious items, the perfect completion for a pro look!

pictures shown may vary from actual products.


Every successful event is a magic that we want to highlight sharing it with you and with the whole professional audio network worldwide.

• Send us photos of one or more PAs made exclusively with VIO Series systems
• Don’t forget to send us also a small description of your event
• Check that your pics are in good quality
• You have until August 31th, 2019 to actively participate by sending photos
• There’s no quantity limits! You can send us as many images as you like
• Subscribe with the form on this page: you can send your material only by using the form


1. You will always remain the legal owner of the material and the only responsible for it; moreover, by sending via form, you will automatically grant us the permission to publish it.
2. By submitting the photos via form you will implicitly declare that they are copyright-free and you will remain the legitimate owner.
3. Any other channels than the official form will be not taken into consideration as a valid submission.
4. The contest will be active only from 17 May 2019 to 31 August 2019

Send us the best pics of the event and do not forget to describe the event with as much informations as you can: venue, date, artist, system configuration - only VIO Series.
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