About us
About Us
About Us
Pure passion for technology.
A strong willingness to bring high-quality systems to the widest base of users. More than 40 years spent developing cutting-edge solutions for the professional audio industry.
That's what dBTechnologies is about.
Pure passion for technology.A strong willingness to bring high-quality systems to the widest base of users. More than 40 years spent developing cutting-edge solutions for the professional audio industry. That's what dBTechnologies is about.
About Us
The Company
The Company
The Company

AEB Industriale s.r.l, founded in 1974 in Bologna, Italy, operates in the Professional Audio market under the brand dBTechnologies and is part of Pro Audio industry leader RCF Group.

AEB Industriale headquarters are located in Bologna where all dBTechnologies products are designed and developed.

Over the years, thanks to a policy of considerable investments in R&D, design and manufacturing technologies, dBTechnologies products have gained substantial recognition for some groundbreaking technological innovations, as well as their inherent standards of quality.

In particular, dBTechnologies has been one of the industry’s trailblazer in active speaker & digital amplifier technologies, while giving a major emphasis to details and design.

A constant research on new materials and technologies, together with the ability to create unique design solutions, are the key ingredients for an ever-increasing market share and success.

In January 2017, the brand was distributed in 160 countries worldwide, providing installation companies, rental companies, sound designers and musicians with audio equipment combining top-quality sound performance with Made in Italy design. 

Our History
Our History
A.E.B. Industriale has been designing and manufacturing electronic and electro acoustic products for the  the professional audio industry for over 25 years under its trademark dBTechnologies. 
Over the years, dBTechnologies products have gained substantial recognition for their technological innovations, as well as their inherent standard of quality. 

1974 – Arturo Vicari founds A.E.B. (Acoustical Engineering Bureau) Industriale s.r.l in Bologna (Italy). The mission of the company was to develop earphones for the broadcasting market. One of the first customer was Italian Public Broadcasting Company RAI. In the following years, a continuous research in high-end electronics technologies drove A.E.B. to develop loudspeakers and radio microphones for the Musical Instruments market.

1990 – A.E.B starts to operate in the professional audio market under the new trademark dBTechnologies. The main goal under this project is engineering sound reinforcement systems through advanced electronics development.

2000 – The brand’s internationalisation process drives to the foundation of the subsidiary company dBTechnologies Deutschland G.m.b.H in Koln, Germany. Today, the Company distributes the brand in Germany, Austria and BeNeLux.

2002 – dBTechnologies launches the first complete Opera series, which establish itself as a break-through product in a very challenging professional market, where only few company offered polypropylene 2-way speakers. Starting from that very moment, A.E.B focuses in designing powered systems, building a strong expertise and establishing itself as an early player in a rising market segment.

2004 – Launch of Fifty Line, the first powered system on the market equipped with a built-in microprocessor. A.E.B enhances its R&D facilities and HR, focusing on a process that will lead to the release of celebrated Digital Vertical Array DVA series, a break-through concept aimed to set new standards in the sound reinforcement industry by bringing line array technology to a much wider base of users.

2006 – Launch of DVA T4, the first active polypropylene line-array module in the professional audio market. Equipped with premium components, advanced electronics and designed to obtain maximum power packed in an exceptionally light enclosure, DVA T4 is an international success and a milestone in the history of the brand. During its 10-year history, more than 30.000 units of this active line array system has been sold all over the world.

2008 – The development process for proprietary amplifying technology DIGIPRO® is started. 

2011 – dBTechnologies approaches larger professional applications market with active line array system DVA T12. Equipped with the second generation Digipro G2® amp technology and proprietary networking protocol RDNET, DVA T12 is able to deliver an incredible output and definition despite its compact size, light-weight and unprecedented user-friendliness.

2013 – The DVA Series welcomes the new DVA T8 which packs even more power in compact dimensions while maintaining all the advantages of the previous models of the series. DVA T8 is a new milestone in the brand’s history and a turning point for AEB Industriale commercial network and export market.

2015-2016 – Launch of the new generation of Opera,  ES column system, B·H,  and new concept speaker Ingenia series.

2016 – Launch of the new family VIO, a fully powered, wooden line array and sub series intended for larger sound reinforcement applications: the series includes the VIO L210 system with its complement VIO S318 subwoofer. In 2017, the VIO S118 subwoofer system also became part of the VIO family.

2018  Launch of the VIO L208, the small format line array system that expands and completes the application possibilities of the VIO Series sound reinforcement products. In the same year, the VIO L212 system is made available worldwide as the first large format dBTechnologies line array system specifically designed for large applications/tourings, which is later joined by the VIO S218 subwoofer system.

2019  The VIO L212, VIO S218, VIO X and VIO L208 systems won the 2019 Reader's Choice Awards and the VIO Series won the FOH award for "Best New Line Array Family".

Every year A.E.B releases new dBTechnologies equipment, widening its offer while covering all audio professional requirements. From Headquarters in Crespellano, Bologna, in 2016 A.E.B employs more than 100 professionals designing, developing, manufacturing, communicating and selling professional audio equipment under the brand dBTechnologies, as well as managing a distribution network covering more than 160 countries worldwide.