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Fifty Line is one of our most straightforward systems: easy transport options, smooth deployment with scalable options, outstanding final result.
Fifty Line is one of our most straightforward systems: easy transport options, smooth deployment with scalable options, outstanding final result.

Scalable system

The optimal way to deploy fifty line is either ground stack one or two Fifty Tops on Fifty subs, or fly the Fifty tops using the dedicated flybar. 

The unique design of Fifty Top allows up to two units to be vertically coupled seamlessly, in order to double the output capabilities. The waveguide is designed to minimize interferences between two Fifty tops stacked together: all you need to do is flip one of the two upside down. 

When the venue requires a wider coverage, it’s easy to either fly or ground stack several Fifty Tops side by side, spreading the horizontal dispersion of the PA system to any desired amount. 

Flying Fifty tops is just as easy as stack them: the flybar design fits either one or two-height tops, without he need to own different adaptors, and the dollies designed for transport are optimized for a smooth setup and tear down of the system. Nevertheless, the on-board rotary encoder provides for several quick-recall presets to adapt the system to basic applications. 


Remote Control

Fifty Line also features complete network capability via Aurora Net control software which allows EQ, delay and processing customization and real time monitoring of the PA system in use. 

Impressive Performance through acoustic innovation

The main purpose of Fifty Line is to be able develop the highest possible SPL levels whilst keeping the overall power consumption very low. This is achieved by maximizing the radiating real estate of the transducers on-board the Fifty Top.Each of the Tops is comprised of 4x 10” woofers and 2 Compression drivers, carefully tuned for the utmost fidelity even at very high working loads. 


FIR filters on board 

In digital audio domain, FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters operate on frequency response while mantaining a linear phase. dBTechnologies’ R&D tuned Fifty line using FIR Filters to optimize the overall system performance with pristine vocal reproduction and a much better high-frequency coherence when two Fifty Tops are paired in head stack mode.  

dBTechnologies signature voicing is granted by the DSP power embedded in our Class-D 1600W RMS power amplifier, equipped in every Fifty top. 

Datos Técnicos
Speaker Type
2-Way Active Full-range Speaker
Datos Acústicos
Frequency Response [-6dB]
65 - 19.300 Hz
137 dB
2x 1.4" exit
HF Voice Coil
Directivity (HxV)
60 x +15°/- 35°
Crossover Frequency
760 Hz
4x 10"
LF Voice Coil
Amp Technology
PSC1 with PFC
Amp Class
Peak Power
3200 W
RMS Power
1600 W
Passive Convection
DSP 32 bit
AD/DA Converter
Sección de Entrada
Signal Input
1 x XLR female
Signal Out
1 x XLR male
USB connector
Type B - Data Service
1 rotary encoder (Preset)
4 System LED (Limiter, Signal, Mute/Prot, Ready)
3 RDNet LED (Link, Active, Remote Active)
Power socket
1xPowerCon TRUE1 Mains
1xPowerCon TRUE1 Link
Full metal grille
Rigging point
Flyable with accessories
2x side
500 mm (19.7 in)
650 mm (25.6 in)
600 mm (23.6 in)
38.1Kg (84 lbs.)
Notes: Estos datos no son vinculantes; dBTechnologies se reserva el derecho de modificar los mismos en cualquier momento y sin previo aviso.
Aurora Net
This product is fully-compatible with Aurora Net software
Linear Phase FIR Filters
A low-latency sound processing featuring Linear Phase FIR filters allows VIO cabinets to deliver an extremely coherent audio performance, standing out for its intelligibility and clarity from every listening position. This is also achieved by making the phase response as linear as possible, avoiding any distortion.
PFC (Power Factor Corrector)
The Power Factor Corrector greatly improves the efficiency of the system. Performances of the amplifier are very stable and consistent, regardless of the quality of the mains. This also grants a worldwide compatibility of the power supply - from 90V to 265V 50/60Hz - and limits power consumption.
USB Data Port
Thanks to this universal data port, the user will be able to perform firmware upgrades
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