El VIO X206 es un parlante activo profesional ultracompacto que ofrece presión sonora y respuesta lineal al más alto nivel. Está disponible en 2 versiones con una cobertura estándar de 90x60° o con un patrón de dispersión de 100x15°, que básicamente convierte el parlante en un módulo line array.

In a class of its own

VIO X206 not only packs the best of the VIO X line’s sonic performance into an ultra-compact cabinet but also brings versatility to a new level by serving as both a point source speaker and a line array system.
The ultimate solution for complementing VIO PA systems and setting up compact high-performance stand-alone systems, meeting the requirements of both the production and integration world.
VIO X206 is equipped with 2x 6.5” neodymium transducers, and a 1” compression driver, driven by a Digipro class D 900 Watts RMS power amplifier, which, just like any other product in the VIO family, is equipped with RDNet, allowing for remote control with Aurora net software.

Point Source
and Line Array

The system is available in 2 models providing different coverage patterns.
VIO X206 features a horn allowing for a 60x90° dispersion. VIO X206-100, instead, features a waveguide providing a 100x15°dispersion, allowing the system to operate in line array mode.
Both VIO X206 horn and VIO X206-100 waveguide are removable, meaning that users can easily replace them, adapting their VIO X206 systems to the venue and application in use.
A firmware preset button on board optimizes the behavior of the DSP to the application in use.
Thanks to the two variants it cover a wide range of applications, meeting the requirements of both production and integration. This sleek, slim cabinet can easily fits onto a live stage, a corporate event facility, as well as a meeting room or a bar.

Versatility at its best

Several brackets adapt X206 on a speaker stand (VB-2X6, SA-2X6), one of them also allows it to be flown with a C clamp (VB-2X6). A simple link plate (LP-2) is available to pair or array them. It is also possible to use 2 of the 90x60° version both flown or ground stacked with a 60° spread bracket (LP-3). An extra 60° spread bracket allows for flying or pole-mounting of up to 6 90x60° boxes side by side, with a steady angle. A U shaped bracket (HB-2X6) allows for various configurations such as wall mounting or truss mounting. The same accessory also serves as horizontal pole mount for a 90x60° X206 or multiple line array versions of X206. If you need to stash a frontfill, or if you plan to ground stack several line arrays directly on a sub, LP-5 is the perfect accessory for a safe and reliable solution to secure the load. Finally two flybars are available, a standard one for a single array (DRK-1) and a multiple one (DRK-2) that allows to fly 2 arrays of tops or subs, or even X206 and VIO S115 subs together.


Datos Técnicos
Speaker Type
2 Way Active Loudspeaker
Datos Acústicos
Usable bandwidth [-10dB]
66 - 19.500 Hz / 66 - 18.000 Hz [VIO X206-100]
Frequency Response [-6dB]
70 - 18.000 Hz / 70 - 17.500 Hz [VIO X206-100]
131 dB
1x 1”, 1.75 v.c.
2x 6.5”, 1.75" v.c
VIO X206 Directivity
60° x 90° [rotatable]
VIO X206-100 Directivity
100° x 15° [H x V]
900 W RMS Class-D Digipro® G3
Power Supply
Auto-range SMPS
DSP 32 bit
AD/DA Converter
24 bit/96 kHz
Peak, RMS, Thermal
FIR Linear Phase Filters
Sección de Entrada
Signal Input
1 x XLR balanced, 1 x RJ45 Link (RDNet), 1x USB (Data Service)
Signal Output
1x XLR balanced, 1 x RJ45 Link (RDNet)
Power Socket
1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
1x PowerCON TRUE1 Out
1x input Sensitivity Rotary Encoder (10x presets)
1x Horn Model Selection Switch
1x On LED
1x Status LED
1x Signal LED
1x Limiter LED
3x RDNet Status LED
Wooden Cabinet, Polyurea painting
2 Integrated
Rigging points
2x M10 Threaded Nuts (top and bottom)
210 mm (8.3 in)
650 mm (25.6 in)
270 mm (10.6 in)
17.3 kg (38.14 lbs)
Notes: Estos datos no son vinculantes; dBTechnologies se reserva el derecho de modificar los mismos en cualquier momento y sin previo aviso.
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