LMF Festival 2022

Zagreb, Croatia


Artist: 42 DJs

Venue: Outdoor


It was a triumph of sound and scenery at LMF Festival 2022, a gigantic event that shook the foundations of ancient Zagreb on June 3-5.
The green and blue surroundings of Zagreb's Jarun Lake were a potent welcome for the 42 DJs who took the stage during days of authentic musical madness.
Realizing an acoustic design capable of powering an expansive outdoor space for such a large stage was an exciting and challenging task for rental company Alibi Produkcija/Alibi Sound Production. The team formed by Ivica Brajo, Zvone Sapina, Matei Duji strongly relied on the high output and versatility of the line array full-scale module VIO L212 and paired other VIO Series tops and subs complements to build a complex high-performing sound system.

The whole configuration included:
24 VIO L212 + 16 VIO S318 and 18 VIO L210 modules.