The B22 club

Melle, Germany


Artist: varios

Venue: indoor

"This was simply a great and unique project, and it is a lot of fun to install the technical equipment."
[Sebastian Schönweitz, Managing Director of Perfect Sound]


Kulturinitiative Buer-Kultur in Melle decided to modernize its venue with an exciting audio restyling project by the Perfect Sound team.
The B22 is a venue with a pleasing club atmosphere. The initiative presents a varied music, comedy, and culture programme in its live club, and national and international artists of renown make a stop in Melle.

"We want to present a mixture of classic rock and new influences to appeal to young audiences. An excellent sound system is vital for our own sake. We want to have fun, and our artists should feel it too," says Frank Schlattmann from Buer-Kultur, who was also responsible for planning the system.

The installation of the VIO Series components was carried out by event technology professional Sebastian Schönweitz, Managing Director of event company Perfect Sound. "This was simply a great and unique project, and it is a lot of fun to install the technical equipment. Everyone involved is dedicated and passionate about it and puts on a great programme in their spare time."

At Club B22, Schönweitz installed 5 VIO L208 units in the truss as the main hang to the right and left of the stage. 4 VIO S118R subwoofers are installed under the stage. 5 FMX 12 wedges provide perfect monitor sound on stage for the musical acts.
Michael Weymann of Buer-Kultur adds, "Perfect Sound helped us a lot with the project and the sound system installation - it was a very professional and positive experience in all areas."