KUMP 365 with a new IS Series installation

Paderborn, Germany


Artist: none

Venue: indoor

"We'ere happy to install dBTechnologies speakers for this project. We know that their products are outstanding and perform excellently in daily operations"
Daniel Joachim [Project Manager of SLM events]


Following a comprehensive renovation, KUMP 365 in Paderborn, Germany, offers many facilities, including dining, hotel accommodations, and event spaces. Among its features is the 'Hochbar,' a rooftop bar providing panoramic views over the picturesque city, creating versatile spaces suitable for various events. Of course, these spaces have a top-notch and adaptable sound system featuring audio solutions from dBTechnologies.
KUMP 365 occupies all the floors of the building at Westerntor, serving multiple purposes. The first two floors house the restaurant, followed by three hotel floors. Above these are two more dining levels, with the 'Hochbar' on the top terrace. During the extensive refurbishment, special attention was paid to updating the sound and lighting systems in the dining areas, ensuring they meet current standards and are prepared for future innovations.
The audio and lighting modernisation was undertaken by ELEKTRO KLEINER Projekt GmbH and slm events, led by project managers Benedikt Westphal, Daniel Joachim, and Markus Kleiner. Both companies were responsible for the ambient lighting and sound installation and programming the lighting for ambiance and events.

Joachim, Kleiner, and Westphal primarily chose the IS Series passive speakers from dBTechnologies for the sound system, which is ideal for permanent installations. Across the four floors, they installed 26 IS25T units and 8 IS26T units. To blend seamlessly with the interiors, they opted for a white finish. The IS25T and IS26T are passive two-way speakers with dual subwoofers of varying diameters depending on the model.
"Since 2010, we have been using dBTechnologies equipment and were happy to install their speakers for this project. We know that their products are outstanding and perform excellently in daily operations," said Daniel Joachim, describing the selection of dBTechnologies components.
Westphal added, "A particular challenge of this project was to inconspicuously place the speakers despite the low ceiling heights and large glass fronts. This was crucial as the sound system needed to perfectly reproduce all types of sound, from music and atmosphere to speech. For the dining mode, the sound system on the four restaurant floors had to create a consistent atmosphere, sounding great even at low levels."

In addition to the IS series speakers, 5 AC26 units, 8 VIO S115 subwoofers, and 1 DVA s08 subwoofer were installed. The combination of passive and active components posed no issue, as the system is controlled through the digital audio processor AC26. Each floor is equipped with a mixing console for input and fine-tuning.

The core idea behind the installation was that the sound system should match the flexibility of the spaces. Besides the basic setup for dining operations, the sound system perfectly adapts to every use of the restaurant floors, whether for parties, live music, events with a predominant speech component, or seminars and workshops.