TV show

The New Divas Show in Wien

Vienna, Austria


Artist: various

Venue: indoor


PBS's newest TV special debuted at Wiener Konzerthaus: five talented international singers delighted as protagonists and interpreters of the complex and multifaceted sentiments and technique of the fourth art; led by Conductor Beatrice Venezi and flanked by Music Director Greg Phillinganes, the repertoire spanned across classical, jazz, pop, opera and musical theater pieces, performed by the Divas in solo and band, with the 63-member Vienna State Opera Symphony Orchestra and Greg Phillinganes' rock band alongside. PBS SoCal and Attila Glatz Concert Productions delivered the concert and TV special.
As pointed out by Illés Szemerédi, CEO of HangMánia, the company commissioned for the Konzerthaus sounding, "The event was definitely something to remember in terms of audio complexity and high demands"; the PA designed by the team consisted of a main ft. VIO L208, a system particularly suitable in settings where detailed and sharp acoustics are strictly required, and the configuration adopted met the inherent and peculiar needs of the show.
24 VIO L208s in 12 per side
Subs: 2 VIO S118s and 2 VIO S218s
Frontfills: 4 VIO X205s
Wedge: 4 DVX DM28s