New Year's Eve in Turin, Italy

Turin, Italy


Artist: varios

Venue: outdoor


Making out of the most of the beauty of the grand Piazza Castello, New Year's Eve in Turin was explosive and compelling, and that’s precisely what we needed to say goodbye to 2022. The Microfase music service team came in the place to guarantee the sounding of the most typical outdoor gig: ToLovesYou 2023 brought 15,000 people in the square for a large-scale yet exclusive initiative.

The team's PA included a Main of 28 VIOL212 complemented by 28 S218s in cardioid configuration.
2 delays were also designed to cover the full extent of the stalls with 16 VIO L208 tops divided into 8+8.
The stage front fill was provided by 12 modules of VIO L208.

So many artists were amplified employing VIO Series touring technology: Willie Peyote, Eugenio in Via di Gioia, Beba, Ginevra, Cantafinofadieci, and the Italian masters of electric rock and alternative sounds, Subsonica.