"The best of..." - Andrea Pucci's Show



Artist: Andrea Pucci

Venue: Indoor


The VIO L212 line array system enters a cutting-edge theatre and powers Andrea Pucci's one-man show for the entire 2019-2020 italian season.
The tour "Il meglio di..." arrives at the Teatro della Luna in Assago (Milan) and registers an immediate sold-out for many dates of the long schedule.
In fact, 31 appointments are planned to give a response to the enthusiastic public's reception, and dBTechnologies/VIO Series is the professional audio technology chosen to sound the wide large theatre. A cutting-edge venue, designed to host complex and impressive sets with a large audience and a wide overall space, Teatro della Luna has a flourishing activity and this year will be the "favorite house" of the Milanese comedian's project, supported by the Zurawski Live Band's music. The configuration is by SIAL service, experienced professional reality of the field; the PA designed to sound the large and functional space involves the VIO L212 line array system accompanied by the VIO S218 complement and the DVX DM TH stage monitors; for the front fill, the team chooses the super-compact VIO L208 system.
The complete configuration consists of:

16 VIO L212 (8 per side) + 3 VIO S218 per side in gradient configuration + 4 VIO L208 as front fill

As a cabaret artist, popular face of TV, and one of the most contemporary laughters of the moment, Andrea Pucci is a companion of the everyday life gifted with powerful humor; he's able to move away from the veils that cover uses and customs of modern society thanks to a presence so "earthly" as to bring the public to total involvement: "Il meglio di..." (="The best of...") was in fact created to find a solid connection with the public proposing a main topic: interaction, which means laughing together at the paradoxes and incongruences that society and natural life reserve for us day by day