Civitavecchia Summer Festival

Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy


Artist: varios

Venue: outdoor


Civitavecchia Summer Festival is the territory promotion initiative that, in 2022, brought big names of national music scenarios to the most appropriate and enhancing location of the Civitavecchia sea city near Rome, Italy. More than 30,000 people is an extraordinary figure marking the success of the music festival that spread trendy vibes to this historic and ancient satellite town of the great capital and a reference for overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Amplificando Live service supervised and curated the entire kermesse by providing audio technologies and sound management expertise.
For the stage, designed to host nationally renowned pop singers, rappers, and trappers, as well as comedians and speakers, the top VIO L212 system was paired with the VIO S218 sub-system, and the whole acoustic project was completed with the VIO L210 system, opting for medium-high power frontfills.

The sound system configuration included:
22 VIO L212 (11 per side) + 16 VIO S218 in arc delay configuration + 6 VIO L210 as front fill
The dBTechnologies system DVX served the monitoring.

The musical line-up featured: Achille Lauro, Noyz Narcos, Francesco Renga, Irama, and more.