NOVA Bologna 2021

Bologna, Italy


Artist: Various

Venue: DumBO Bologna


VIO L212 is chosen to spread the new live emotions in Bologna, Italy with NOVA Bologna 2021. The large-format line array leads VIO Series as Main PA of the rising star of urban music festivals. At the spaces of DumBO has been completed the realization of a sound system capable of ensuring the acoustic delivery of the many upcoming live performances that will fill the city with music; we’re back to one of the places we know best, as the VIO L208 recently got the permanent installation as resident PA inside the Binario Centrale, the largest indoor space of the whole DumBO. The PA is supplied by the pro audio rental service BIG TALU Music Service and it's now able to fully exploit the large extension of the venue while delivering quality audio coverage and overcoming possible acoustical issues and limits, thanks to a proper technology equipped with features engineered to respond to the needs of touring contexts.

The VIO Series sound system deployed for this new musical adventure is featured by:
16 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218 in end-fire configuration with an arc delay processing controlled with the Aurora Net arc sub-function
Front fill: 4 VIO L208
Stage side fill: 2 VIO L208 stacked on 2 VIO S118R per side

NOVA Festival 2021 was born to bring back the magic of live music in Bologna with a new shining thanks to the protection and the energy boost of one of the most interesting ecosystems of the urban environment: DumBO hosts this music festival by providing the wide and modern spaces that characterize it, a comprehensive complex of historical venues wrapped by the underground-industrial mood and style.The kermesse is the brainchild of many realities of the territory: Covo Club, DumBO, Estragon Club, roBOt Festival and TPO, which have made their activities an intense resource for the protection and collective enjoyment of arts and culture.
Strict protocols, inflexible attention to the rules, and security measures are strictly applied here as required for all the evenings that will enlighten this July; many, many names from the Italian and international scene, many genres will meet the 1,000 participants every night.

The line-up involves artists like Lo Stato Sociale, Myss Keta, Dub FX, Fatoumata Diawara, Colapescedimartino, Ministri, The Zen Circus, and many more.