Tocca a Noi

Bologna, Italy


Artist: Various

Venue: Outdoor


Something very exclusive went on Tuesday night in Piazza Maggiore or 'Piazza Grande', as the Italians commonly call it.
This prominent place hosted big Italian stars like Elodie, Elisa, Diodato, Gianni Morandi, La Rappresentante di lista, Noemi, Fast Animal and Slow Kids, and many others for a show made of a thousand voices.
Lying on the central granite platform and surrounded by ancient medieval buildings was the stage.
Tema Service decided to set up a VIO L212 Main PA; the rental company has recently expanded its range aiming for broad acoustic extension and high output by relying on VIO Series systems as particularly efficient in outdoor touring contexts. For this occasion, the rental deployed:
16 VIO L212+12 VIO S218, plus 5 VIO L208 used as frontfills
The whole event had 7,000 participants and was created by the Municipality of Bologna and the Province of Emilia Romagna from an original idea of the headline artists. Per-Ass. Promoter Emilia-Romagna, Estragon Club, Locomotiv Club, Studio's, and Woodworm for Save The Children have been the producers.