Un'estate da Re 2022

Caserta, Italy


Artist: varios

Venue: Reggia di Caserta


Un'Estate da Re was back in one of Italy's most beautiful historical palaces with a refined calendar; the 2023 lineup highlighted the excellence of classical music while giving space to big pop names like Zucchero, Roberto Bolle and Plácido Domingo.
The VIO technology was sound equipment for the entire festival, thanks to the audio work of L'Altroservice, the company in charge of sounding the central courtyard. The environment presents distinctive architectural features and a royal allure that perfectly frames the great musical acts that made un'Estate da Re one of the most prestigious Italian festivals.
The team configured and managed the following systems:
Main: 20 VIOL212s
Subs: 12 VIO S218s
Frontfills: 6 VIO L208s
Infills: 4 VIO L210s
Delays: 8 VIO L210s