Vinicio Capossela live in Trani, Italy

Trani, Italy


Artist: Vinicio Capossela

Venue: Outdoor


VIO L212 is the Main chosen to sound Vinicio Capossela’s 2021 live concert in Piazza Duomo in Trani, Italy.

Poetry and music, poetry in music or, more simply, two arts that meet, The evening that was staged on July 10 at the beautiful square of the Trani seafront had the background of the sea, the colors of summer, and, most importantly, the music of Italian composer, songwriter, and writer Vinicio Capossela as main protagonist; as one of the most awarded Italian artists, he’s considered the depositary of a high tradition that holds inspirations and suggestions intimately linked to literature and to ancient and modern lyricism: Capossela's latest work, "Bestiario d'amore", sees in fact a personal and updated reworking of the ancient medieval bestiaries, from which today rises "Bestiale Comedìa”, appendix of the project inspired by Dante's tradition, this year reaching its 700th anniversary.

Punto Musica and Bass Culture were responsible of the entire initiative, as well-known companies specialized in the planning, management, and creation of events; thanks to the joining of expertise, it was conceived PA able to shape melodies and interludes giving them acoustic form, where words and music wisely alternate in the frame of an outdoor space delimited by the coast and the historical monuments of the most important square of the city.
The configuration was developed with the support of the following VIO systems:

20 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218 in line configuration
4 VIO L208 as front fill
Stage side fills: VIO S118R +VIO L208
Wedges: DVX DM15TH

A Dantesque concert strongly desired by Vinicio Capossela and the city of Trani, the first important stage of a tour that will go up the Peninsula during the summer. For the VIO Series it has been the opportunity to participate in an event where excellence takes shape from different perspectives and where experience is enriched by beauty, that immutable and immune to time type of beauty.