VIO X206 installation at Palapanini

Modena, Italy


Artist: varios

Venue: indoor

Equipment Used


The ultimate VIO X technology fits the new sound reinforcement project of PalaPanini by benefiting from the modularity and power characteristic of the VIO X206 system.
A major audio installation has been undertaken and finalized in the ambiance of PalaPanini, the main sports arena in the city of Modena.
The well-known multipurpose facility in the Emilia Romagna region has, in fact, recently accrued the need for a complete restyling of the audio system and, relying on Tema Service, a local company specializing in professional audio sound, has welcomed the VIO X brand audio solution as its resident PA technology.

As a reference venue for the most illustrious Serie A championship, and therefore known in the sports world as the "Temple of Volleyball," PalaPanini is also capable of hosting high-profile events and concerts: many famous Italian and international artists have performed there over more than three decades since its founding. 
Today the arena boasts a total capacity of 5,211 seats spread over 3 tiers of bleachers.

Due to architectural peculiarities and the overall extension of PalaPanini, the new sound system was finely designed to meet the needs of an environment intended to welcome large audiences and bound to versatility, allowing it equally to accommodate sports and touring activities. Consistent coverage of all areas was a significant goal, achieved through an overall PA consisting of:

6 clusters of VIO X206 with waveguides
divided into:
1 cluster of 5 boxes for each of the two curves 
2 clusters of 7 boxes for each of the two stands 
with control 8 and 1 AC26N processor to control the entire sound system.