Kanye West & Ty Dolla Sign live

Bologna, Italy


Artiste: Kanye West & Ty Dolla Sign

Lieu: indoor

Unipol Arena welcomed an extraordinary show that brought rapper and artist Kanye West to Bologna, Italy.
"Vultures 1" is the highly anticipated first musical project bearing the signature of YE and Ty Dolla Sign, the US super duo ¥$. Only two exclusive gigs were scheduled in Italy to celebrate the release of the first musical project, and Unipol Arena was the exclusive show's venue on Feb. 24.

The show was designed for an immersive and engaging experience: the set design included a 360-degree stage, corresponding to the whole staging area; according to the design, the entire parterre of the venue was occupied by the performance ground, which was surrounded by the audience, exclusively positioned in the stands.
Centrally located as a pivotal scenic element, it provided a fabric tulle, a floating backdrop dedicated to videos and reels screening during the performance.
The set-up of the sound system had to consider these elements when hanging: tops and subs were positioned so that video contributions could be visible from most seats.
The system configuration included:
88 line array modules of the VIO L212 system were divided into 8 clusters and hung with 32 VIO S218F (divided into 4 clusters).
Moreover, 10 frontfill positions, each consisting of 1 VIO S218 sub + 2 VIO L208 modules, were arranged to ensure a coherent sound image for the front row areas of the telescopic grandstands.
The 0 point of the system were the sub clusters, and it was from those that all the other source points were aligned.