OneRepublic live at Noisy Naples Fest 2023

Naples, Italy


Artiste: OneRepublic

Lieu: Arena Flegrea

U.S.A. music comes to Italy, and Naples welcomes one of the excellences of international pop-rock. OneRepublic is celebrating their career as a clever passionate band racking up worldwide records-breaking hits over more than a decade. Welcoming a giant audience, the iconic Arena Flegrea achieved a significant milestone, and its expertly conceived architecture framed a highly anticipated show.
With the meticulous work of L'Altroservice, the VIO Series technology covered the whole vast area in a configuration of:

Main: 36 VIO L210s deployed at 11 meters
Subs: 4 VIO S218Fs per side at 11 meters, including 1 in cardioid configuration; 6 VIO S218s per side in L-R End Fired configuration in 3 blocks of 2 units each at the stage sides.
Frontfills: 8 VIO L208s on the stage front, with 2 blocks of 2 modules at the L-R extremities to reinforce the sides.
The sound system was managed via Aurora Net and RDNet network and organized via 2 AC26N processors.